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My current projects

Me (yes, as a project)

I have a lot of personal open-source projects on my GitHub, and I am always working on something new. Most of my newer projects fall under Promise Solutions, but I still like to keep some projects personal. Follow me!


Countr is an advanced counting bot on Discord, and is used by over 100,000 servers and 32 million users, averaging half a million counts on Discord every week. Countr as a whole is "owned" by Promise Solutions. I am the lead developer of Countr, and I have been working on it since 2018.

Promise Solutions

Promise Solutions is an organization that I founded in 2019, after Countr's primary burst. We have been working on a lot of open-source projects, but our main focus is Countr. I am the lead of this organization.

Skedsmo Red Cross Youth

Skedsmo Red Cross Youth is a local branch of the Norwegian Red Cross Youth. I am currently the leader of this organization, and I have been a part of it since 2022. We arrange an event every week to bring youth together and have fun. I also have some other positions in other branches of Norwegian Red Cross.

Spillhuset (gaming house)

Spillhuset is a house in Bærum (west of Oslo) which is open every Thursday and Friday for youth. We have up to 50 computers available, several VR gears, racing simulators, consoles and more. I primarily work on the systems behind-the-scenes, but it's fun seeing youth having fun. And, before you ask; I did not make the website.


KANDU is the host of The Gathering, and it stands for Creative Active Norwegian Data Youth. I am currently a deputy board member in this organization.

The Gathering

The Gathering is the second largest computer party in the world, hosted every Easter. I have been a part of the crew since 2022. I am also a part of the board of KANDU, the organization behind The Gathering.

Project Blurple

Project Blurple is a celebration happening every May to celebrate Discord's birthday with the community. We encourage people to participate through the Discord server by chatting, entering giveaways and joining in with any events we run. We get around 60,000 members every year, and I am currently one of three Administrators of this project.