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28th of April 2021

About me

I'm Glenn, a computer enthusiast from Norway studying and working in IT. I got my first computer when I was four years old, and I could practically write my full name on a keyboard before saying it properly.

And since then, I've been hooked on technology.

Throughout the years, I have learned a lot about computers and technology in general. But being where I am today would not have been possible without the help of my friends and family, supporting me all the way.

8th of May 2023


I've lost count on how many positions I fill in various volunteering organizations. Volunteering is so important in my eyes because it's a way to give back to the community and make it a better place for everyone.

I'm currently volunteering for organizations like Norwegian Red Cross Youth, KANDU (Norwegian Data Youth), The Gathering (LAN-event every Easter), Spillhuset (open game house in Bærum) and Oslo Pride.

I also love dogs although I've become allergic to them (amongst many other allergies I have). I just can't escape my love for dogs.

3rd of June 2021

A good heart

The world is ... horrifying, to say the least. That's why you got to live through it with passion and love. I am not afraid to show my love, even in microscopic amounts, and I believe in giving second chances - it's essentially my specialty.

I'm a very open person, and I'm not afraid to share my thoughts and opinions. Being there for my friends and family is definitely something I value a lot.

Other than that, I'm just living life with the volume turned all the way up.